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Grand Queen of the South Palace

Elu W.R. HackneyWelcome or message from Elu. W.R. Hackney Here

Thank you for visiting,
Elu W.R. Hackney
Grand Thrice Puissant Grand Master

History of Grand Queen of the South Palace

lodge of perfection symbol royal arch chapter
Grand Queen Bathsheba Sister Pamela Brown
Grand Princess Hattipah Sister Tanya Robinson
Grand Princess Myra Sister Pauline Lindsey
Grand Princess Lea Sister Clotte Wilson
Grand Princess Warder Sister Nine Fae Turpie
Grand Princess Oziel Sister Jimmie McCoy
Grand Princess Zorah Sister Charlotte Appling
Grand Princess Oprah Sister Denise Calloway
Grand Princess Syene Sister Lorrene Frazier
Grand Princess Tharah Sister Marva Parmes
Grand Princess Ellah Sister Robin Lindsey
Grand Queen of Sheba Sister Yvette Warren
Grand Recorder Sister Jill Kohn
Grand King Solomon Bro. Thomas Stewart
Grand Associate King Solomon Bro. Will Yancy
Grand Advisor Princess Everleane Mayfield
Grand Special Assistant Princess Estella McMillan
Grand Special Assistant Princess Delores Alexander
Grand Special Assistant Princess Gesna Hardy-Goins
Grand Special Assistant Princess Brenda Kimble
Grand Marshal Princess Anna Dickey
Grand Marshal Princess Hazel Brent
Grand Marshal Princess Dianne Wheeler
Grand Marshal Princess Rose Mary D. Rogers
Grand Marshal Princess Velma Pierce
Grand Marshal Princess Joyce Guy
Grand Marshal Princess Julie Hickman
Grand Marshal Princess Helen Wimberly
Grand Marshal Princess Carmella Henderson
Grand Marshal Princess Anna Marrietta Morris
Grand Marshal Princess Tawana Green

Princess Pamela Brown
Grand Queen Bathsheba
Hudson B. Turner Grand Court

This site is currently under construction and will be updated often. Please check back for important information regarding our jurisdiction. In developing this site I am awaiting pictures, history, welcomes, etc. to be able to complete this page. If you are in contact with the repspective Grand Officer please let them know the webmaster is waiting!