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CA Grand Lodge of Perfection / Hudson B. Turner Royal & Exalted Order of Amaranth

Elu W.R. HackneyWelcome or message from Elu. W.R. Hackney Here

Thank you for visiting,
Elu W.R. Hackney
Grand Thrice Puissant Grand Master

History of California Grand Lodge of Perfection

lodge of perfection symbol

History of the Department placed here!

2012-2013 California Grand Lodge of Perfection Grand Officers

royal arch chapter
California Grand Lodge of Perfection
Elected Officers
Grand Thrice Puissant Grand Master Elu. W.R. Hackney, 33°
Deputy Grand High Priest Right Excellent Stacy Meadows
Grand King Right Excellent Lavert Maxie
Grand Scribe Right Excellent Henry Washington
Grand Captain of the Host Right Excellent Gregory Mitchell
Grand Principal Sojourner Right Excellent Ellis Lilly
Grand Royal Arch Captain Right Excellent Clarence Malone
Grand Treasurer Right Excellent Wayne Swindell
Grand Secretary Right Excellent Thomas Stewart
Appointed Officers
Grand Recorder Right Excellent Edmund P. Johnson
Grand Master of the 1st Veil Right Excellent Berry Sanders
Grand Master of the 2nd Veil Right Excellent Joe Cunningham
Grand Master of the 3rd Veil Right Excellent Jeff Fletcher
Grand Sentinel Right Excellent Jefferson M. Stricklen, Sr.
Past / Emeritus Grand High Priest
Past Grand High Priest Emeritus Most Excellent James C. Gardley
Past Grand High Priest Most Excellent Wayne Swindell (Healed)
Past Grand High Priest Most Excellent Richard Ramirez
Past Grand High Priest Most Excellent Sealious Clayborn

History of Hudson B. Turner Grand Court Royal and Exalted Degree of Amaranth

Hudson B. Turner Grand Court

History of the Department Here

Grand Royal Matron Lady Sterling Banks
Grand Royal Patron Elu W.R. Hackney, 33°
Grand Honored Associate Matron Lady Diana Wheeler
Grand Associate Patron Elu Lavert Maxie, 33°
Grand Honored Treasurer Lady Jean Knight
Grand Honored Secretary Lady Rosyln Lyles
Grand Honored Conductress Lady Catherine Moulton
Grand Honored Associate Conductress Lady Regina Coston
Grand Honored Warder Lady Louverna Durst
Grand Honored Recorder Lady Ronni Sanford-Johnons
Grand Honored Chaplain Lady Darin White (unaffiliated)
Grand Honored Truth Lady Shirley Washington
Grand Honored Faith Lady Shirley Swindell
Grand Honored Wisdom Lady Annie Lewis
Grand Honored Charity Lady Melody Rachal
Grand Honored Marshal (East) Lady Helen Wimberley
Grand Honored Marshal (West) Lady Rose Marie Smith
Grand Honored Herald Lady Claudette Ratcliff
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Terry Thomas
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Sharon Harness
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Rene Appling
Grand Royal Matron Lady Jill Kohn
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Denise Calloway
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Ormond Rucker
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Joyce Guy
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Mattie Long-Nelson
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Carmella Henderson
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Yvette Warren
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Maretta Morris
Grand Floor Marshal Lady Nina Turpie
Grand Special Assistant Lady Estella McMillan
Grand Special Assistant Lady Lula Tave
Grand Special Assistant Lady Diana Dean Golston
Grand Special Assistant Lady Diane Johnson
Grand Special Assistant Lady Bertha Butler
Grand Special Assistant Lady Delores Alexander
Grand Special Assistant Lady Frances Scott
Grand Executive Advisor Lady Dorothy Bowens
Grand Executive Advisor Lady Martha Broome
Grand Executive Advisor Lady Elizabeth Bailey
Grand Executive Advisor Lady Leverster Hyter
Grand Executive Advisor Lady Dorothy Simmons
Grand Personal Assistant Lady Charlesetta Randolph
Grand Personal Assistant Lady Constance Boyce
Grand Special Support Elu Kevin Rachal, 33°
Grand Special Support Elu Leroy Wise, 33°

Lady Sterling Banks
Grand Royal Matron

This site is currently under construction and will be updated often. Please check back for important information regarding our jurisdiction. In developing this site I am awaiting pictures, history, welcomes, etc. to be able to complete this page. If you are in contact with the repspe